Internet Basics Tutorial
The Basics of Your Browser Internet Explorer Toolbar
At the top of the screen when you are on the Internet, you will see lots of words arranged in a row in the upper left corner. Usually they will say “File,” “Edit,” and other words.

These words are called the “menu” because each one can give you a menu of different options for using the Internet. If you click on any one of them, you will see a list of other words to click on. For example, if you click on “File,” you will see the word “New.” If you drag the mouse over it, you will see more options, like “Window.” Click on “Window,” and you will have a new “window” on the screen with a separate web page on it.

Some of these options can also be done just using a keyboard. For example, you can open a new window just by pressing “ctrl” and “N” at the same time. Sometimes each menu item will show which keys you press if you want to open it just with a keyboard.

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